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The Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization inserts advertisements within specific pages of its sites. As stated in the disclaimer, these advertisements are not influencers and are not meant to inconvenience users in any way. Anyone who wants to advertise with the Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization make sure their advertisements meet our guidelines before sending them out. Because these advertisements become a part of our site and are seen by a large audience,we want to ensure they are high quality graphics and do not hinder our site in a visually displeasing way. We want your ads to be a part of our site, but we would also like to make sure they flow with our content and draw in users in a positive way. 

Any advertisements you send us must comply with our sizing standards so that we can easily insert them onto our pages. You may send advertisements that fit on the right column of our pages as a medium sized rectangle. You may also send us advertisements for the bottom of our pages, which is called a leader board. We include different types of advertisements on our sites: paid ads that are sent from our clients and users, and ads that we publish pertaining to our customers.

We only accept and post clean, professional advertisements. Every single one of our users will be able to see these ads, and therefore, we must keep them family friendly.We are a family friendly company, not to mention an online reputation management company. So, please consider what you send before you send it.

If you’ve read our privacy policy, you know we are very strict about our users and our security. We’re an online reputation management company, and security is key. Our advertisements, should you click on them, will not collect any information about you.They are merely to inform and interest. If you would like to proceed based on the advertisement, so be it, we’re happy we could interest you. But, the advertisement itself will not collect your personal information. However, if we feel it’s prudent, we may share
information collected from our site with advertisers to determine if advertisements are working well.

As stated, we do post advertisements of our own on the site pages, but we also post advertisements from third party businesses and individuals. Advertisements from third parties will have links for users to access these other sites. Users should keep in mind that the Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization has no involvement with these sites, and therefore anything use of these sites is with risk and should not be attributed to the Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization.

Advertising Principles
The Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization wants to ensure all of our advertisements meet our strict professional, family friendly policies. These advertisements may come from the Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization or they may come from a third party, but they are not endorsements for products or services. If a third party site, for example, submits an advertisement that urges you to buy their product, the Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization is not endorsing these products. We are instead giving others an outlet. Again, because we are not affiliated with these other companies, none of the advertisements posted have any effect on our content. Therefore, advertisers should recognize that while we may publish your advertisement, we will not and can not write anything about your ad because it would go against company policy. 

The Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization retains the rights to deny publication of any advertisements sent by third parties, based a lack of format and policy compliancy.

The Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization accepts digital advertisements, which should be posted separate from our content with the word advertisement, showing it is not part of our page materials. These ads may either be presented a fixed or animated in the designated formats. If we do accept your advertisements, there will be no more than two banners per page.

In compliance with our legal pages, the Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization’s logo or any other materials cannot be posted on other sites without the explicit written approval of the Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization. In addition, it’s important to be aware that advertisements may link to third party sites, as stated in the advertisers section. They may also link to the Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization’s pages, if the advertisement is our own. On that note, we reserve the right to remove any links to other websites, if we believe they are bringing harm to us or our users.