Privacy Policy

The Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization and it's affiliate websites CEOJACKCOLA.COM, JACK-COLA.COM, JACKCOLA.NET, MEDIA.JACK-COLA.COM, BLOG.JACK-COLA.COM, JOHNCOLAIACOVO.COM and JOHNCOLAIACOVO.ORG. honor your right to privacy.

With all the various sources of information worldwide, we will make sure to store and use your personal information for its intended purposes. Your personal information will be used for the purposes of strengthening our relationship with you. The purchases you make will make provide us to improve our service to you and attend to your needs. There may be a sharing of the company’s information with you, but by no means will we give your personal information away.

Information will only be shared with related companies and subsidiaries with your permission, and the Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization will ask for your permission beforehand. It is required by law to protect our customers, the companies that we have business with and the public. We are committed to ensuring your privacy and safety at all times. The information that you provide to us can be removed or corrected at any time upon your request, it is also important that you contact the Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization with any questions or concerns you may have.

Your personal information will have the utmost security and we will take the proper measures in order to keep it secure. This statement communicates the privacy guidelines for the Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization and it's affiliate websites CEOJACKCOLA.COMJACK-COLA.COMJACKCOLA.NETMEDIA.JACK-COLA.COMBLOG.JACK-COLA.COMJOHNCOLAIACOVO.COM and JOHNCOLAIACOVO.ORG.

There are certain types of information that you will be asked to give when accessing these sites. Information that may be requested includes name, age, telephone number, credit card information, address, email address, and other various sorts of identification. In some circumstances, a Social Security number might be required. Before we gather any private information, we will ask for your permission first.

The Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization makes sure that all of the information we have received from you is kept confidential. This information will only be used to help and support the client. The Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization wants you to find the best deals through our websites, special offers, and new products. The Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization’s staff members—those who have access to your personal information—are required to abide by our privacy policy at all times. Staff members are not allowed to use information without consent, and usage has to be within regards of the company in order to better help the client. In terms of fraud, regulation, legal action, or in cooperation with law enforcement, the Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) Organization will be required to disclose this type of information.

All Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) and it's affiliate websites CEOJACKCOLA.COMJACK-COLA.COMJACKCOLA.NETMEDIA.JACK-COLA.COMBLOG.JACK-COLA.COMJOHNCOLAIACOVO.COM and JOHNCOLAIACOVO.ORG are committed to their clients. It is our job to protect the private information that we collect from you and keep it confidential. By submitting your information to the Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) and it's affiliate websites CEOJACKCOLA.COMJACK-COLA.COMJACKCOLA.NETMEDIA.JACK-COLA.COMBLOG.JACK-COLA.COMJOHNCOLAIACOVO.COM and JOHNCOLAIACOVO.ORG, you are agreeing to this privacy policy.

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